ASH NYC is pleased to present twelve residences and five retail spaces in two historic buildings at the intersection of Weybosset and Mathewson Streets, directly across from the famed Providence Performing Arts Center and Johnson & Wales University. Located in the Providence Downtown Historic District, 225 Weybosset sits within an architectural landscape of buildings erected between 1870 and 1930. Despite the stylistic variety of that period, the structures share common architectural qualities such as scale, massing, and material that give the Downtown Historic District both its unity and continuity. 

225 Weybosset has a unique history that dates back to the early 1900s.  Comprised of two buildings built eight years apart, one, a three story structure, which runs along Mathewson Street and was constructed in 1912, and a two story structure facing Weybosset, built in 1920.  The two buildings are functionally conjoined but maintain their historic exterior facades and independent identities.  

The two story corner building once housed Liggett's Pharmacy, as evidenced by the glass medicine bottles found behind walls and under floors during renovation.  The three story building hosted a prominent local dance studio, where one can imagine the flappers and their gents of the Roaring '20's practicing the Charleston or the Fox Trot on the same maple wood floors that have been restored for use today.